Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Welcome to the AWU Cookbook!

Feel free to share your recipes here. In order to join you must send me your Google Account (a Gmail address) to my email: panademona(at)gmail(dot)com with the subject line "AWU Cookbook" I will then add you as a contributor and you will be able to add entries!

Make sure you add labels to your entries for which categories they belong in, to make them easier for other members to find! Examples of Categories: Desserts, Entrees, Vegetarian, etc.



  1. NOTE -- a Google account does not have to be a gmail address. If people do not use gmail, rather than start a new email address which they must check for notifications etc., they can just create a Google account using their usual e-address.

    I'd be happy to explain the process (very easy!!) to support anyone who wants to post recipes! (Meanwhile perhaps edit the above?)

  2. Or just click on the link where it says "Google Account" in blue.