Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Creative Use of Leftovers (to save money)

Hello Everyone!

I was just wondering about some of the ways you utilize your leftovers to help save money. One thing I do is I make really big batches of tomato sauce whenever I make it. The ingredients are quite affordable and the sauce will last a fairly long time in the fridge or freezer. You can save money by buying ingredients in bulk! Also, you can adapt the leftovers easily so you don't get bored with them. You can start with a marinara sauce which you can serve over chicken or rice, or as a pizza sauce. The next night you can add veggies and/or meat and spices to make pasta sauce. The third night you can add kidney beans and chili powder and you have chili!

Leave some comments about ways you use your leftovers!


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  1. I buy frozen organic pizza dough (available at Whole Foods for less than $2, and I'm sure at many other stores). Move from freezer to fridge and let defrost min 24 hrs, max maybe 3 days in fridge. roll, pat, stretch, smack or otherwise spread dough in a baking pan.

    Spoon on tomato sauce. Look through your fridge for all kinds of cooked or raw veggies that have maybe 15 minutes of usability left on them before going slimy/smelly. Chop them up, add on top. Shred on a bit of mozarella or vegan cheese if you like. Bake 8 minutes at 450 F. Done. Healthy Cheap. Uses up leftovers. Kids will eat the veggies!